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The following Rocky Mountain Laboratories test kits are available through the Homeopathy Center:

Hair Element Analysis
Helps to identify the presense of heavy metals or vitamin- mineral imbalances in your body.

Food Sensitivities

Are you suffering from headaches, asthma, chronic coughs and congestion, joint pain, sinus or skin problems? Food sensitivity test helps to determine possible delayed hypersensitivity of your immune system to different foods.

Urinary Thyroid

Are you experiencing heart palpitations, difficulties losing weight, fatigue, excessive hair loss or thinning of your hair, dryness of your skin, muscle cramping, constipation or cold intolerance? A urinary thyroid test measures the function of your thyroid gland during a 24 hour period.

Saliva Hormone Test

Helps to determine hormonal imbalance in your body, especially if you have PMS or perimenopausal symptoms, like feeling irritable, impatient, crying easily, being on edge. An accurate way to find out your hormonal balance is through a saliva test.

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