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Asthma caused by feelings of abandonment

When Bobby, a 5-year-old boy with beautiful big, grey eyes was brought to me for a consultation, he was suffering from repeated severe asthma attacks during the past year and was taking “blue” and “orange” puffers to release them. He was extremely sensitive to peanuts, sugar, insect bites, ragweed, wheat, potato, and cigarette smoke. His asthma was worse during the spring and cloudy, hot, damp weather. He continued to cough even between asthma attacks; it was a wet, bubbling sound in his chest in the morning and a dry, teasing cough with wheezing during the day. He had suffered from eczema since he was three years old, which was treated with steroids. Since that time he would catch cold easily, which settled in his bronchi and lungs, and twice developed into pneumonia. He loved sweets, but didn’t like greasy food and never felt thirsty. He cried easily and loved to be consoled by hugging and attention. Once, he developed an acute asthma attack when his mother went away for a business trip. He was so upset because he thought she wasn’t coming back.

After eight months of homeopathic treatment Bobby was completely free from asthma. His emotions were also much better, his immune system became much stronger, and he no longer caught every cold possible. For the last year, he hasn’t experienced any severe asthma attacks. His parents were told by a pediatrician that his lungs had completely cleared up.


Asthma Caused by Anger

A few years ago, I met a little five-year-old boy named John with his mom. His main complaint was an irritable, dry, tickling cough that could sometimes turn into rattling mucous in his chest. He had been hospitalized twice because of severe cough attacks. John was treated both times with corticosteroid drugs intravenously. Finally, he was prescribed broncho-dilating and steroidal puffers to be taken for six months. However, his mom (a registered nurse) was not happy about this and tried to find an alternative. Her friends referred them to me after their own four-year-old daughter was successfully treated in my office for chronic ear infections.

John was a curious and friendly boy with a big smile. His wide-open, brown sparkling eyes, red hair and freckled face reflected his extrovert personality. As soon as he walked into my office, he started to explore without any hesitation. He grabbed my otoscope (an instrument for ear examination), trying to understand how it works. When his mom took it away from him, John was very frustrated, his face turned red and he screamed for a good five minutes.

I learned from John’s mom that he can be very irritable, impatient, and easily frustrated when interrupted in his activities. When he had colic as a baby, and even lately, his sensitivity to pain was extreme. He could be restless, whining, wanting many things, but refused them right away when he was offered them. His cough often happened when he was angry with his eldest sister, if he didn’t get what he wanted.

I prescribed John the homeopathic remedy, which immediately relieved his asthma. After four months of homeopathic care, John’s mom was happy to see her son not only cured from asthma, but also happier and balanced emotionally.